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  • Bhartiya Divyang Sangathan

    भारतीय दिव्यांग संगठन

    The best platform to unite physically challenged people

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Mr. Amit Kumar

Bhartiya Divynag Sanagthan


Intended to serve Homeland India on an imaginative route with complete assurance and trustworthiness. My life's goal is to execute and give my administration and executive skills to the gathering and the office where I will find the opportunity to serve."


1:- Awarded to the board by SYMBOSIS University in 2009.

2:-The RMIT University of Vietnam gave him a proposal and a workshop on the connection between the top administration of the organization, what's more, the workers.

3:-He framed another item in 2016 and one of a kind that helps people stop tobacco and cigarettes.

4:-He created a "Mutual Help Co -operating Community" for youth motivation in 2015 and organized them under one banner to improve the country and their lives. The name of that community is "Youth Of Growing INDIA — Y.O.G.I.

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Mission of Life

The fundamental point of my life is to work with any and all means to improve the nation. I am physically tested by birth, but I never felt it was my shortcoming that I usually persuade people to contribute their best to the better of our nation. I have extraordinary management and inspiring speaking skills that enable any industry / gathering to achieve better results.

I always want to be a part of the system since my childhood to implement my thoughts and ideas for the country's development. Because I'm Y.O.G.I. founder, I want to take Indian youth under one banner that will implement patriotism and country respect. This is backed by a strong plan and strategy.

To the extent that my psychological quality is concerned, I never accept this as my shortcoming, even in the wake of being weakened since birth.

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